About Rebecca Banét


Rebecca Banét's fireworks can catch the beauty and inspiration of LowCountry Carolina and release the iridescent, chamleon shape-shifter into sun-drenched stories, meandering a mind as far as a sunset sky spilling light up a king-tide shore.


Rebecca sees her art as transportation, engaging the vehicle of two-and-a-half dimension copper to encourage travel to another state of mind. Her edgy work uses timeless tools of imagination, heat, and origami to manipulate the organic qualities of copper textile. Creating its own backdrop of shadow and light, the work spreads copper’s shimmery color palette to communicate themes and emotions of warmth and light in artwork that converts space into place.

Rebecca specializes in tailoring customized work that is created step by step to fit you like a dream. Just as it takes two hundred steps to tailor a man’s suit, you can actually watch how many individualized steps fold, etch, gold leaf, and otherwise embellish your thoughts from ‘to do’ to ‘ta-da’!


Let's meet at the intersection of nature and human nature. Schedule a visit that can even begin in the middle of nature, where your story to be told unfolds.