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Commission copper textile art by Banét


A bolt of copper textile weighs in at a number requiring notice on its shipping label and lumbar support for its courier.  Yet, its ethereal possibilities possess the power to manifest a sculpture unrestrained by scale or concept. The origami can be precise or lavishly loose. Finishing touches such as gold leaf or assemblage findings  skim along the ridges; the tiniest details can show up to catch light or add vocabulary to the dialogue.  Whatever the story, upon completion, a design can seem to float like gossamer and suspend a heart in weightless contemplation. 


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Dancing with Breast Cancer, aka Sister Meri

Here's my thought. I see breast cancer as an individual, close-to-the-bone experience. But like all universal stories, its greatest value lies in how it exits its personal door - raw-edged, black swan that it is...

Imagine sitting around the story table, the book group, or whatever safe space we claim for regaling the past and perhaps even engaging in a little revisionist history. And we ponder; how, across time and around the globe, as siblings, we gathered 'round the same dinner table, ate the same mashed potatoes, and shared (or shirked) the same family chores... so how did we (they) all end up sooooo different (aka 'other')? Along the same story line, different thread, there is always one who is golden, one who holds the family pain, on through the labels and archetypes we spend our lives re-telling and re-etching, or scratching out and recreating.

It is my belief that teachings we are faced with have always been here, ready to actualize, sure as an acorn knows it will be an oak tree. Sister Meri was at the table all along. She is an archetype. She is golden AND she is black swan, holding the pain! I just didn't exactly know that my soul was set to learn that particular lesson in that particular way, from that particular perspective. She belongs in my space as a strong component bubbling me up from my geothermal depths to my effervescence essence that courses along on a current of hope. I know this because I recognize the etymology of the word compassion, and I know the path to compassion is not academically accessible; it is absorbed through experience with an other.

So, let's treat her like a sister and enlarge our circle of belonging! She already comes to the gatherings as a discussion point; let's stop relegating her to black sheep and award her honored guest, visiting lecturer status! Let her teach us to dance; or to feel; or to bring us whatever her cell soul seed was intended to bring that can coax us beyond self.

The thought I am working with, same as my work to stop resisting resistance, is to amplify and magnify what she was intended to bring me. Again, I see breast cancer as an individual, close-to-the-bone experience. Its greatest value lies in how it exits its personal door - raw-edged, black swan that it is – enriched with a capacity to re-enter, brilliant, shimmering light white bird, part of a beautifully choreographed company of collective soul.

Dance, Sister Meri, dance!

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En Route to a fellow UNESCO site with Rebecca Banét!


En route to a fellow UNESCO site!

En route to a fellow UNESCO site, trekking this week from Santa Fe to Banff!  My happy tasks include Santa Fe Creative Tourism, geo-caching, and extending the reach of the Journey Stick Experience® to include Canada!

I’ll also be gathering evidence about a luscious gift called water, with hopes to bring back photos of this luxuriant element we can only imagine!   

  • Is there a hue that is included in the copper rainbow range of emotion?
  • Just what hue of blue fills Lake Louise?
  • What is the primary mineral content of the Banff Upper Hot Springs?

Originating from my Santa Fe home perch @ 110h! (N 37 degree W 45), my geocaching art quest will be to reach  N 51° 09.050 W 115° 33.642!; to find a treasure! And to plant a UNESCO exchange cache!

  • What is the temperature of that water?
  • Can a Santa Fe Coppy thrive at the edge of glacial waters? (Let’s see together!)

On the broader platform of art, beauty, and culture, the engine powering the journey, UNESCO is presently hosting a conference whose agenda includes “What is the Future of Public Art”; I look forward to a lively discussion, as we connect individual to universal, local to global perspective.
Live @110, this is what paints the copper canvas today.

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