Santa Fe Studio Tour

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Opening Reception  Preview Party
Friday, June 29, 5:30-7:30
In The Candyman Center
851 St. Michaels Dr.

Oh, Possibility!  Live as a salmon run raging in peak season, color splashes and overspills into your space and absolutely jumps into your heart!  (True story, I tell you. The river is t h a t long, that wild glorious!) Just Imagine!  26 Fire-painted feet of origami sculpted copper winding its way along your wall, amplifying its dance with every fold of shadow and light!  It might even bridge two planes like atmosphere shimmers along the horizon to marry rare air with enchanted earth.  Why, this living, breathing Copper River can even work like time, carving and curving rivers through rock!  Just ask. It responds. 

For this particular Santa Fe Studio Tour 2012, see copper come to life at Studio #1 at 1104 Bishops Lodge Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501. See Google Map of the Studio Tour.

Or visit Banet@110 any other time you would like to schedule a visit, a workshop, or a consultation.

Copper comes to life at Becki Banet's studio @110!